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6-17-10: Trucks4Hire.com searchable database function was enabled. If you are a Contractor in need of trucks for your job, you can now Search for Dump Trucks in your area that can complete the job.

Trucks4Hire has created a place for the market to find the right truck to complete the job required.

Trucks4Hire invites you to explore our website and Join today!



P.O. Box 1054
Janesville, WI 53547

Who should register their truck?

All Dump Truck Owner/Operator's who want to increase their business. Truck4Hire allows the Dump Truck Owner/Operator to advertise the type of truck or equipment they have, the type of haul they are willing to take and the mileage within their home base they are willing to travel. So if you have a Dump truck create your FREE profile today.

Why should I register my truck?

To increase business with Contractor's in your area. Many Contractor's have specific short term needs and only have a list generated over time. Trucks4Hire can provide Contractor's with an up to date list of Dump Truck Owner/Operators who have the equipment they need to complete the job. By registering your equipment, you can be on the list when the Contractor searches.

What type of Truck can I register?

All trucks that a Contractor may need to complete their jobs. Trucks4Hire has created a long and detailed list of equipment that Dump Truck Owner/Operators have and that may be needed. If you do not see the type of equipment you have please e-mail info@trucks4hire.com and we will add it.

What if I do not see my truck type in the drop down menu?

Please e-mail info@trucks4hire.com so we can add your truck to our menu. Please allow 3 to 5 working days for us to update.

Who will see or Who can search my profile?

Any one can search Trucks4Hire. Only the Dump Truck Owner/Operator profiles in the requested area are shown. Currently, Trucks4Hire.com allows a search by state and truck type only, but soon it will be searchable by region within a state, required equipment and type of work.

Can I register for more than one territory?

No, each Dump Truck Owner/Operator will be assigned a home territory based on zip code and the distance from home they are willing to work. If the Dump Truck Owner/Operator is willing to work in another territory, state or region you must create another profile and change the zip code of the area that you are willing to work in. Many Dump Truck Owner/Operators are willing to travel to other areas, so do not limit your exposure and add a second profile today.

If I have more than one truck am I tied to one territory?

No, each Truck profile will be assigned individually by zip code and the distance they are willing to travel to accept work from their home zip code. Trucks4hire does require that you create a second profile that includes the zip code of the second area you are willing to work in.