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6-17-10: Trucks4Hire.com searchable database function was enabled. If you are a Contractor in need of trucks for your job, you can now Search for Dump Trucks in your area that can complete the job.

Trucks4Hire has created a place for the market to find the right truck to complete the job required.

Trucks4Hire invites you to explore our website and Join today!



P.O. Box 1054
Janesville, WI 53547


" Trucks4Hire is the only web based portal for
Dump Truck Owner Operators to create a profile of their business. "

Join today and set up a free profile that will be searchable by Contractors in your area and Nationwide.Contractors use our site to search for Dump Truck owners who have the equipment and credentials to complete their projects.

What is Trucks4hire?

Trucks4Hire is an opportunity for all Dump Truck Owner/Operators who want to increase their business. Truck4Hire allows the Dump Truck Owner/Operator to advertise the type of truck or equipment they have, the type of haul they are willing to take and the mileage within their home base they are willing to travel. Trucks4Hire will automate how Contractor's locate the equipment they need to complete the jobs. Dump Truck Owner/Operators listed will have a leg up on the competition and eliminate the monthly, weekly, daily calls to Dispatchers to see if work is available, or to place your name on a list. Trucks4Hire creates your place on the list and keeps it there.

What Trucks4hire is not?

Trucks4Hire is not a Dump Truck Broker. Trucks4Hire will not create a preference list, the Dump Truck Owner/Operator will gain or lose work based on their desire and ability to accept jobs. Trucks4Hire is not a load board. Trucks4Hire will not create a list of available jobs, Contractors will use Trucks4Hire to search for the trucks that meet their needs, The company in need of dump truck services will contact the Dump Truck Owner/Operators directly.

Territory Map

Territory MapTrucks4Hire defines territory regions that are selectable by the Dump Truck Owners when developing their profile.